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Bedford TKG 1983, A939 KJT

Bedford TKG / HCB-Angus WrL/T A939 KJT, HCB-Angus build number 6267.3 (third of 4), Order date: April 1983 - Bedford 500 diesel engine, Chassis released: June 28th 1983. Delivery date: December 1983. Chassis number: SKFSLR ICCD T108852. Fitted with Godiva UMPX 500gpm pump, supplied with 35ft Bayley wooden extension ladder & Hathaway LPP. Appliance operated for ten years as a WrL with 13.5m Angus Sacol ladder and for five years as a WrT. It was the last Dorset appliance to carry a 35ft Bayley wooden extension ladder.


Brigade History:

1984 - B22 Redhill Park - WrL

1985 - B25 Pokesdown - WrL

1989 - A03 Bridport - WrL

1991 - A04 Beaminster - WrL

1994 - A13 Blandford - WrT

1999 - Disposal

Purchased at South West Vehicle Auctions February 16th 1999

1st Rally: Brooklands May 3rd 1999

Was used for water supply during the filming of The Bill in London and on return extinguished a fire caused by overheated brakes on an HGV on the A40 Western Avenue near Uxbridge.

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