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16 man horse-drawn manual fire pump 1859.

This 16 man horse-drawn manual fire pump was made by merryweather and sons of London in 1859 and was new to Lymington Fire Brigade Hampshire .

Manually operated fire engines like this would have been pulled by two horses or pulled by men to the fire. Streets around the country would have been paved with cobble stones to help the horses hooves grip the floor.

Fire pumps just like this one would have also been purchased by large houses as their own on site fire safety.

Unlike present day vehicles with blue lights and sirens this would have been simply lit by candle and hand rung bell.

16 people would have never been able to sit on this horse-drawn pump so on arrival to the incident would have to seek support from willing locals. If needed the fire men would have shouted “beer o ” meaning we will give you beer if you help or “bring us beer and we will keep pumping”.

Unlike today’s fire service who will assist anyone suffering from fire, every household would have had to pay for insurance and would have displayed a plaque on the exterior wall of their property.

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