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scania 94d, 2002, bw52 RNy

Our 16,000 litre bulk water carrier is ideal for steam events, testing of flood defences and perfect for special effects for rain and wet downs on TV and Film.

Fitted with Blue and Amber LED Lights 

Can be driven whilst pumping water ideal for wed downs 

Fitted with a portable fire pump and  plumbed in to a 4 inch stainless steel pipework 

The stainless steel tank is fully insulated and is food grade 

The side and rear lockers are  kitted with 

Duraline hose 45mm and 70mm 

Standpipe key and bars 

Dividing Breeches 

Various Branches 

First Aid Kits 

Fan Sprays 

False Spindles 

Drivers Kit 

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