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hisun, 2019, hf69 dtx

First response Fire 

4x4 Electric Buggy 2019 


To keep up with new technology and keeping as green as possible Wessex fire and rescue have had commissioned a brand new fully electric Hisun 4x4 response fire vehicle. Working closely with the directors of Shambala music festival over the years to provide a safe and effective safety vehicle whilst keeping its ethos of being Environmentally friendly, Our 4x4 electric response vehicle is fitted with various fire fighting equipment and is the first fully electric  4x4 fire vehicle in the UK. Designed and built in house for events and campsites who like Shambala Festival  are keen to be more environmentally friendly and go Green.


Our powerful electric 4X4 First Response Fire Buggy can tackle the toughest terrains quickly and quietly. 

It has two 'side by side' seats, a rear cargo deck and the added benefit of both a roof and windscreen.

Powerful 27hp electric motor with zero emissions, reaches 25mph

  • Maintenance free 'Discover' dry cell batteries

  • Smart on-board charger, fitted with a 16amp weatherproof plug

  • Fully road legal 

  • This is near-silent running, and covers up to 45 miles on a single charge

  • A full charge takes 6-8 hours and costs only about £1

  • 2.79m / 110" long, 1.57m / 61.75"wide and 1.85m / 73" high

  • Weight - 935 kilos / 2061lbs

  • Cargo bed capacity 227kilos / 500lbs

  • Indicators fitted

  • Gas assisted adjustable shocks

  • Towing capacity 680kilos / 1500lbs

  • Integrated charger with both 13 amp and 16 amp plugs. Maximum current draw is 6 amps. 

Fully electric road legal 4x4 small fires unit. Perfect for first response to small fires, ideal for campsites, music festivals and events.

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