landrover 130, 2011, sp61 yrz

One of our purpose built Long Wheel Base high capacity open back Landrover's, perfect for off road use and event spaces with limited access







High viz coats x 2 

Life hammer x 1 

Nominal roll board 

Wheel jack set x 1 

Argus thermal image camera in case complete x 1 

Binoculars x 1 

10 inch adjustable spanner x 1 

Washing up liquid bottle x 1 

Symbol seeker book x 1 

Flood light tripod under seat x1 

Portable led light charger 

Log book 


Rear bay 

Hale electric Lpp x 1

25 mm flaked red x 1 

45 mm red x 1 

Hydrant length yellow x 1 

Hosereel branch complete with adaptor x 1 

Hyper fog branch x 1 

False spindles x 2

Fuel can plastic and nozzle x 

Knapsack pump complete x 2

Metal bucket x1 


Powder x 1

Foam x 1 

Co2 x 1 

Standpipe x 1 

Key and bar x1 

Hydrant lock key x 1 

Filler cap x 1 

Knapsack bags x2 


Locker -1 passenger side 

First aid bag complete x1 

Nitrile gloves box x1 

Throw line 20 m x1 

Fire blanket x1 

Fire tape box x1 

Portable led light x 1 


Locker 2 passenger side 

Tool roll complete x 1 

Set of spanners x1 

Green carry sheet x1 

Canvas bucket x 1 

Line bag green x1 

Suction wrenches x2 


Locker 3 drivers side 

Top shelf 

Police slow sign on stand x1

Sledge hammer x 1 

Spade x1 

Bow saw x1 

Jafco bolt croppers x1 

Wading pole x1 


Bottom shelf 

Fuel rupture bung x1 

Gaffa tape x1 

Crow bar yellow 



Locker 4 drivers side 

Jafco ceiling hook x1 

Jafco beaters x2 

Jafco Drag rake x1 

Jafco brush x1 

Knapsack pump handles x2 

Jafco handles x 2 

Jafco extension x 1 

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