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Volvo FL6, 1995, M145 LLJ

Volvo FL6.14, the last of a batch of three built in 1995 for the Dorset Fire Brigade by Saxon Sanbec as a water tender ladder rescue appliance. These were the only Saxon-built fire appliances in the brigade and this was their last Volvo.  

Stationed at A13 Blandford until 2004, it was transferred to A12 Shaftesbury as their second pump, a water tender ladder. It served at Shaftesbury until 2007 when it went to the West Moors Training Centre latterly as a base pump.

This was the final Volvo pumping appliance to be in service with Dorset - in the last few months under the newly formed Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service.

Purchased from South West Vehicle Auctions by Fire-Aid International in November 2016, it was transferred to Wessex Fire and Rescue in January 2020.

Wessex have totally rebuilt and refurbished the appliance back to the condition that it was in 1997 at Dorset Fire and Rescue's A13 Blandford where it served alongside the Wessex preserved 1984 Bedford TKG / HCB-Angus water tender A939 KJT.

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